Humble Beginnings

The true Aussie icon, the go-to shoe that’s stood the test of time had a remarkable conception. Born in 1939 when Adrian Quist, Australian Tennis Champion, forgot his tennis shoes and won the Davis Cup tournament wearing boat shoes.

Being the trailblazer that he is, Adrian convinced the Dunlop Rubber factory (where he worked) to develop a custom-built tennis shoe based on the boat shoe's herringbone sole. Creating a high grip sports shoe for the lawn surface made the shoes an instant success.

The tennis legend, Adrian Quist, three-time Australian Championships men's singles and doubles :

He won 10 consecutive Australian doubles titles between 1936 and 1950

He won both the singles and doubles championships in 1936, 1940, and 1948

A career Grand Slam doubles winner, Quist won the French Championships with Crawford in 1935,

Quist was ranked World No. 3 in singles in 1939 and World No. 4 in 1936

Quist retired in 1950, becoming General Manager of the Dunlop Sporting Goods Company in Australia.

The Journey

In 1971, The legendary
Evonne Goolagong, won
Wimbledon wearing a
pair of venerable Volleys.

In 1976 Mark Edmondson 

won the Australian Open

catapulting the Volley

back into the spotlight.

It wasn’t long until we saw some of the most iconic Australian tennis players take home glory with their Volley tennis shoes. The likes of Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, and Margaret Court.

Volley became virtually the standard tennis shoe, and was also popular with roofers, who needed a sure foothold on sloping roof surfaces. Volley became standard issue by the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force till the late Eighties, and are still issued by the Royal Australian Navy.


Since then, Volleys have been rocked by Australia’s biggest celebrities including Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Miranda Kerr, Sam Worthington 

and ACDC’s Angus Young.

Re-modeled and


The Volley shoe is constructed of highly durable cotton canvas with a thermoplastic rubber sole and has had only minor changes to its design since conception in 1939 . Originally plain white in color with a processed rubber sole, it evolved into the iconic green and yellow stripe along the ankle and heel with a direct injection sole in the 1970s.

In 1982, when mullets and perms were all the rage, Volley released the High Leap range. A “basketball” style shoe which had the high grip herringbone sole and iconic 3-stripe webbing on the heel and ankle. Remastering the high top sneaker in 2012, creating new collections and adding the original sneaker back in the line-up, Volley found it’s way into the hearts of Aussies for generations to come.

Ethical - Vegan - Cruelty Free

At Brand Collective (Volley) we appreciate that our customers want to buy ethically sourced apparel and footwear. That is why we have an Ethical Sourcing team, with offices in Australian and Asia, dedicated to ensuring that all products sold to our customers are ethically sourced and that our suppliers and manufacturers treat their employees fairly in accordance with local laws, both in terms of the wages they pay their employees and the working hours and conditions their employees enjoy.

We demand that our suppliers and manufacturers ensure that in relation to their product and workforce, basic labour and human rights are met, environmental impacts are managed and they behave ethically at all times.

We stand together for equality and inclusivity!

Since 2018 Volley have been dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community with the Wear It With Pride collection. Inspiring everyone to express their style of Pride however she/they/he sees fit. Volley Pride is something the whole Australian team is very proud of and supports wholeheartedly. For every pair of sneakers sold Volley Australia donate $5 to the Wear It Purple charity to support young rainbow people.

Young people play a vital role in shaping both the present and future. Everything should be done to ensure they have an equal opportunity to unleash their brilliant minds to make impactful changes.


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